Milwaukee Road 261
The Grand Excursion
June 28, 2004

In June 2004, the Milwaukee Road 261 ran on a steam excursion (the "Grand Excursion") through several northern states, including Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Here are a few photos as it arrived at the end of its trip on June 28, 2004.

You can find out more about the 261 on its web site:

Rock Island, IL
The excursion on June 28 ended in Rock Island, IL, with the 261 stopping at the Casino Rock Island.
The 261 has separated from the passenger train and prepares to go across the Mississippi River to Davenport, IA where it will be serviced.

Davenport, IA
After crossing the bridge to Davenport, the 261 pulled up to a fire hydrant where it was then watered and greased.
Posing for the "classic" 3/4 view.
After unloading, the Amtrak engines brought the rest of the passenger train over the bridge to join up with 261.


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