Spooner, Wisconsin Road Trip
October 15-20, 2003

These photos are from a road trip I took to Spooner, Wisconsin in October 2003 to visit the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad. This trip also doubled as the "last hurrah" trip for the Lumina, so I tried to stick to the state highways when possible, to enjoy the ride. The route went to Dubuque, IA on Highway 61, over to Dyersville, IA, up to Spooner, WI via Highways 61 and 53, back to Dubuque via Austin, MN and Waterloo, Iowa, then back to St. Louis on Highway 67. Besides the main attractions, there were some other interesting things along the way that I tried to get photos of.

The most interesting pictures from the trip are here:

There are also some miscellaneous photos that didn't quite fit anywhere else, presented below:

Hannibal Train Chasing
While on the way to Hannibal, MO, via Highway 79, I wound up passing 3 different BNSF trains along the way. This shot is a little north of Foley, MO.
Another BNSF freight coming through Clarksville, MO.
The same train, just south of Louisiana, MO.

Wisconsin & Minnesota Ramblings
Ah, we can buff that right out!
This is not a model railroad - it's Lancaster, Wisconsin!
Railroad station in Whitehall, Wisconsin.
Sunrise in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.
A big T-38 display just outside Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Back in Iowa
Gives a new meaning to the term "land yacht"! (Dubuque, IA)
Downtown Dyersville, Iowa.
St. Francis Xavier Basilica in Dyersville.
Is there a "Department of Vacuum Security"?
The old Chicago & North Western car shops in Clinton, Iowa.


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