Union Pacific Derailment Photos
Pacific, MO - December 13, 2001

On December 13, 2001 at about 5:45 am, an eastbound UP coal train led by UP 6646 and UP 8025, hit the back of another eastbound UP coal train, which was stopped just outside of Pacific, MO.  The rear unit on the stopped train was UP 8088, which was operating as distributed power at the end of the train.  The derailment fouled the No. 1 track, and shortly afterwards a westbound UP coal train (UP 6555 leading, UP 7510/UP 7085 trailing), hit the wreckage.

Note:  These photos were taken several days after the accident (on Christmas Day, in fact). Sorry for the poor lighting on most of the engine shots, it was late in the day and the Sun was not on my side!

Engine #
UP 6646
UP 8025
UP 8088
(What's left of it)
UP 6555
UP 7510
UP 7510 / UP 7085
Cutting up the derailed freight cars

More Photos

Some really good photos of the derailment before it was cleaned up can be found here.

Last modified: June 17, 2007