Amateur Radio Information

Getting The Ticket

I am a relative latecomer to the amateur radio scene, having received my Technician license in January 2001. For years I had hung around with friends who were ham radio operators, and they seemed to have fun and do a lot of interesting stuff with their rigs. But most of my hobby time went to railroading (either model or railfanning the real thing).

Then a few years ago my friends started getting into APRS, the Amateur Position Reporting System. After seeing this neat technology, I made the decision to get my license, and purchased a copy of the ARRL study guide "Now You're Talking". After some intense studying, I took my test and passed, and a few weeks later, I had my ticket! My new call was KCJOW. Then in June 2007, I received a new vanity call, WBSH, which is the call sign I now use.

Most of my radio time is spent either using APRS or talking on the local 2m repeaters around town. I also became a Missouri weather spotter (#1071) in 2002. For more information on the St. Louis County SKYWARN program, which is fun, educational, useful, and FREE to the public, click the "SKYWARN" button on the left.

Mobile Information

The automobile sports a mobile rig (Kenwood TM-D700A), scanner, and GPS for APRS tracking of the car. More information about the mobile installation (for both the current Impala and the old Lumina) can be found to the left. The automobile is set to beacon as W0BSH-1; you can find its current location through FindU by clicking on the "Current location of W0BSH-1" button.
Last modified: October 7, 2007